Sparobundusacgthanala Himbleisenwodenmantle

Gnomish Druid


Sparobundusacgthanala Himbleisenwodenmantle is a Gnomish Druid originally from the small Gnomish settlement of Ulm, deep in the Sanos Forest, not far from the Malgorian mountain range. Gnomish names being what they are, Sparobundusacgthanala Himbleisenwodenmantle is actually his “octave” — the 8-syllable adaptations of his surname and forename in Common. Since Gnomish names contain a large portion of their family tree history, his full name would take the better portion of an hour to recite completely. So Gnomes, being at least somewhat pragmatic, adopted the “octave” for conversation and trade with the larger folk. Despite this, the short-lived humans tend to bastardize the Common octaves even further. Sparobundusacgthanala is often called “Sparobundus” or, even worse, “Sparrow Woodmantle” among the tall races. Oddly, even the long lived Elves appear to have little patience for Gnomish titles.

At 63 years young, Sparrow is still a relatively young adult for his venerable race, some of which have been rumored to surpass even the near-ageless Elves in the human measure of time, assuming they do not fall prey to “the Bleaching”. Not much is know about this condition outside of the Gnomish culture except that it is said that when a Gnome contracts the malady, they settle into quiet life and start aging even as quickly than as a human, if not more so, dying hundreds of years before the normal life span of the race.

To stave off the Bleaching, Sparrow set out to study nature in his youth adopting the Druidic ways, living in harmony with nature — a philosophy already deep rooted among in his people. He has traveled extensively along the length of the Yondabakari River, from Magnimar on the Varisian coast all the way Fenwall Mountains and even up to the Iron Peaks. Like many of his race, he has had many run-in with goblins and their larger kin. He despises the way they despoil the natural world and has sworn to defend nature against the cruelty of the goblin and ogre-kin.

Sparrow does not worship the gods, so much as he respects and reveres their role in the forces of nature. He will pay his respects at the shrines of Erastil and Gozreh, but his personal philosophy aligns closely with Desna and her followers.

Sparobundusacgthanala Himbleisenwodenmantle

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